Maggie Q – “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon” screening, NYC (May 29, 2014)

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Maggie + girls trip in Mexico.

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@ RSAinLA: And then @ MaggieQ kicked my ass #nikitablues 
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Maggie Q as Beth Davis in upcoming CBS thriller “Stalker” | 3 HQ STILLS

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Maggie Q leaving “Four Seasons” Hotel in Beverly Hills on May 20th, 2014 | +


  • Maggie Q: We know what it’s like. We know how that box exists. It’s very real. (Turns to Mekhi) I’m sure you were offered every drug dealer and every pimp role.
  • Mehki Phifer: Oh yeah, of course. You’ve got to say no. You’ve got to turn it down!
  • MQ: The only power you have is to walk away. You can sit around all day long and whine about what you’re not getting, but it’s not about what you’re not getting; it’s about what you’re not taking. For me, as an Asian American, I’m looking for roles that are non ethnic-specific. If you come to me and you’re like, “Can you play this flower girl on this boat?,” the finger goes up really fast. The blood boils really quickly. Sure, I or any Asian girl could play that role. If you’re doing a story on history or whatever, that’s totally valid. When you get roles that are stereotypical and do not push our cause or further our image in media and in entertainment, it’s your responsibility to turn those things down. I’m not saying that from the position of, “I’ve earned enough so that I can say no.” I’ve said no to things when I had no money.
  • MP: Absolutely.
  • MQ: It wasn’t about that. It was about the big picture. Where do I want to go with this? Do I want to make that amount of money for the next six months, and then what? It goes away, and I’d have no further career beyond that. Or, do I want to make smart decisions that are going to change the face of my community?
  • Read the full interview at the source linked above!

Happy Birthday, Maggie Q!
→ [May 22nd, 1979]

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We rarely grow when we’re happy, we grow when we hurt.

Maggie Q (via infamoussayings)

(via infamoussayings)

Today is Maggie’s birthday! We urge her to remember that a year older is a year wiser ;)

Happy 35th, Maggie Q.